Ageless tours in th Mátra

Our guests went hiking in the autumn and recited their experiences at the dinner table.

“We are not experienced hikers, and all four of us are over 50, but we had heard and read so many times that anyone can go along the hiking routes in the Mátra that we decided to try it.

After breakfast we walked from the hotel to the Mátra railway which is only a few minutes’ walk away.

Kortalan túra a Mátrában

At the end of a real nostalgic railway journey we arrived in Mátrafüred, where he first saw a dog sled start, and then we headed to the lookout Muzsla.

We had a little rest, delighted in the landscape as it was beautiful to see the rising mist and the colours of nature.

We were heading towards Sástó lookout via the Rákóczi Spring on a gently rising path. The pleasantly cool, refreshing spring water really felt good so we could easily progress further towards Sástó.

Before climbing up the 53 m lookout tower, we walked around the lake. From above the panorama was stunning. We could see the southern slopes of the Mátra, Gyöngyös, Kékestető, and the surrounding smaller settlements, such as Gyöngyössolymos and Visonta, but in clear weather one can see as far as the Buda hills or even to the River Tisza from the lookout tower which is situated right next to the country’s highest natural lake.

We rested again and had a delicious lunch after which we walked down the road towards the Kozmáry lookout tower. The view was stunning and the path elevated slightly only during the past few hundred meters.

When we looked around we felt it had been worth climbing up there, but that is not the right expression as this tour can be done without too much effort. However, the view made us forget the pleasant tiredness we felt when we got back to Mátrafüred and found our place in the narrow gauge railway car.”

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